Commercial projects from our portfolio

The project development of exclusive spaces for offices, retail stores, restaurant and hotels is one of the group's core task. We would like to present you with several selected projects.

Shopping Mall at the Luisenforum, Brandenburger Straße 5, 14467 Potsdam

The “Luisenforum”, with its historical construction, has a new design. Currently, a shopping mall is emerging with spacious and bright retail and foodservice areas (approx. 6,000m²), which will provide both business and visitors with a large variety of amenities. Of course, special and individual needs will be taken into consideration. The heart of the new shopping mall (open air passage) is the new construction, which houses the anchor tenant and fashion specialist C&A. As of fall 2013, the fashion provider will put up shop on the sales floor space of approx 2,500 m². A further notable chain store was won with the company Butlers, which will move into the corner location on the Hermann-Elflein-Str., with its approx 300m².

New Construction / Partial Reconstruction Wittenbergplatz 3, 3a, 10789 Berlin

Neubau bzw. Teilumbau Wittenbergplatz 3, 3a, 10789 Berlin

Currently in the planning phase, this building ensemble, located at a prime spot in the western part of the city, directly on the historically significant Wittenbergplatz and in immediate vicinity to the world-famous KaDeWe and the shopping street “Tauentzienstraße”, includes a new building and follows the designs of the renowned architect’s office nps tchoban voss. The adjacent, existing corner building and the historical city palace will be structurally and conceptually integrated.

The representative new construction is clearly structured and will be faced with a natural stone façade. Overall, the new construction comprises seven floors with a total floor space area of approx. 5,800m². Combined with the adjacent city palace, the project will result in a total floor space area of approx. 8,500 m², which is adaptable both as individual buildings and as a complete concept for multi-tenant use.

Commercial – Friedrichstraße 63, 10117 Berlin

Friedrichstraße 63, 10117 Berlin

This property to be renovated is an original panel construction built in the 1980’s, located at a prime spot directly on the intersection of Friedrichstraße-Mohrenstraße at the heart of Berlin. The goal of this project is to increase the building’s potential for commercial use – especially the ground floor and façade areas on the Friedrichstrasse-side. As part of the comprehensive restoration measures, the use of higher quality materials and form design on the façade will be fundamentally integrated, thus adapting the property to the contemporary urban context of this central area in Berlin.
By closing the roofed colonnade, currently in use as a walkway, exclusive commercial real estate space will be gained and expanded upon, display windows will be corrected and enlarged and the street level interior will receive a more articulated presence.
The existing external façade with its small windows will be remodeled for energy efficiency, imparting a more tranquil, contemporary appearance. Not only the entrances on the ground floor will be generously enlarged, but also higher and wider glass surfaces on all street façades will ensure for improved interior lighting. This new, attractive appearance will provide this block corner with stronger presence within the city landscape, especially on the Friedrichsstraße.

Commercial – Q1 Dresden

Friedrichstraße 63, 10117 Berlin

The Altmarkt, with its well-known and highly-trafficked pedestrian zone characterized by high-class specialty fashion stores, cafes, restaurants and banks, as well as the near by Altmarkt-Galerie shopping mall, is the center of Dresden’s historical district. Historically significant buildings, such as the Dresdener Zwinger, the Church of Our Lady and the Kreuzkirche church have strongly influenced the attractiveness and notoriety of this wonderful location. Located at the very heart of this district is the “Altmarktkarreé Q1, a building complex constructed between 1954 and 1956, which spans from the Altmarkt to the Weiße Gasse and from the Wilsdruffer Straße to the Kreuzstraße. The entire Kareé is a designated historical landmark and belongs to one of the most important architectural monuments of Dresden’s postwar period. Currently, the floor space in the architecturally-striking entrance building, as well as in the two adjacent wings of the “Altmarktkareé,” are being planned for conversion to a hotel with 123 rooms.